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Programmes and Campaigns

Since its inception in April 1998, the Foundation has been involved in various activities, among them, organising animal welfare weeks, human-animal interaction programs, public seminars on responsible pet ownership and canine behaviour training courses. It jointly participated in community events such as pet shows and spay/neuter campaigns with local animal welfare groups and government agencies.

A major project that the Foundation initiated with the support of the Ministry of Education in 2002 was an animal welfare education program for schools. The objectives of this ongoing program are to promote human-animal interaction as part of child development, encourage a wider awareness of and respect for all living things and inculcate responsible and caring attitudes. Activities include teaching on pet care, human-animal interaction, art, drama and visits to zoos, animal parks and animal shelters, all designed to make the learning creative and enjoyable.

The Foundation works closely with local government agencies, animal welfare associations and pet clubs. It will continue with its commitment and efforts to promote animal welfare in the country and provide support to various organisations in matters associated with animal welfare.

  Animal Assisted Activities
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    Dog Obedience & Agility Training [Read more]

A Community Project on Dog Obedience & Agility Training for pet owners in Klang Valley is an Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) Program, a specially organized by MNAWF to enhance the bond between people and their pets.
    The Micracle of Animal Assisted Therapy in Malaysia [Read More]

Humans have an intrinsic and biological imperative to commune with nature, receive attention and make connection. The mere presence of an animal - even a visiting animal – lifts the spirit, brings a smile and breaks the ice in social situations, eradicating isolation and loneliness, and thereby motivating ‘natural’ healing.

Human-Animal Interaction Programmes [View photo] [News Clip]

These programmes are jointly organised with local universities and animal clubs for the public and in welfare homes. They are designed to create awareness on the therapeutic nature of animals and help children familiarise with pets. Events have included a cat festival, horse riding camp, pet interaction carnival and trips to petting zoos.


Courses on Canine Behaviour and Training [View photo] [News Clip]

These courses are geared to provide owners with a better understanding of canine behaviour and prevent the abandonment of animals due to unacceptable behaviour problems. They follow along the lines of the canine good citizen program and use positive training methods. Courses are organised with Terry Ryan, animal behaviourist and trainer from the US.

  Social Responsibility

Spay/Neuter Campaigns [News Clip]

Providing support in the areas of education and publicity for a spay/neuter campaign organised by the city council and the SPCA. The initial 6-month campaign which began in 2002, proved successful and is being continued. So far hundreds of animals have been spayed/neutered and although may seem small, it is a good start.


Seminars on Responsible Pet Ownership [View photo] [News Clip]

The Foundation has begun a series of seminars to provide guidelines on animal welfare and promote responsible pet ownership among the community. They cover animal assisted therapy, local legislations, animal overpopulation, choice of pet and the care of exotic species, among others.


Cooperation with other organizations

National Member of the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organisations (IAHAIO), an association formed to promote research, education and sharing of information about human-animal interactions and the unique role that animals play in human well-being and quality of life. Members are from countries across the globe - Africa, Europe, America and Asia Pacific.



  Animal Welfare Education
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Good Practice in Animal Welfare Education [View photo] [News Clip]

An education program is being carried out in several schools regularly throughout the year. Members visit the schools to help the children learn more about animal welfare and pet care. The program has been well accepted and is expanding.


Animal Welfare Week [View photo] [News Clip]

Bringing together the pet industry, pet owners and animal lovers from all over the country, animal welfare weeks are organised annually to help promote the human-animal bond and good practices in animal husbandry. Several activities are lined up for the week, namely, pet shows and competitions, discussions on animal welfare issues and programs for children.


The Foundation works with the following organizations on animal welfare projects locally:

National Bodies & Veterinary Associations

Ministry of Agriculture, Malaysia Ministry of Education, Malaysia Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia (DVS) Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary Association (MSAVA) Veterinary Association of Malaysia (VAM)
Malaysian Equine Veterinary Association (MEVA)        
Animal Welfare Associations and other organisations
SPCA Selangor SPCA Penang SPCA Ipoh SPCA Malacca SPCA Kuching
PAWS Feline Society of Malaysia (FSM) Selangor Polo & Riding Club Malaysian Kennel Association (MKA) Malaysian Cat Club (MCC)
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)        

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